Francis Alemanji Forzi

International Research Associate
Phone: 237 7795 63 38
237 7794 57 78

P. O. Box 10102
Douala, Cameroon

Research Interests

  • Agricultural and Forest Entomology
  • Effects of Soil Macrofauna on Soil Fertility
  • Pests Management
  • Avian Diseases

Current Research Projects

The current research projects with which I am involved through the Center for Tropical Research include:

  • Sampling domestic and wild birds for the Avian flu virus and other bird diseases and pigs for the Swine flu virus in  Cameroon.
  • Sampling domestic and wild bird communities across a range of agricultural and natural habitats in the Far North Province of Cameroon during critical winter season when long distance palearctic migratory birds are present to determine Avian influenza prevalence
  • Looking at the relationship between bird species, vegetation type and habitat in cocoa plantations in Southern Cameroon.
  • Collecting blood, cloacal and tracheal samples and morphometric data from both wild and domestic birds for DNA and RNA analysis and screening.
  • Radio-tagging Hornbills in the Kompia Community Forest in the periphery of the Dja Biosphere Reserve to monitor their migratory patterns in the Congo BasinRain Forest.
  • Surveillance of the Swine Influenza Virus, H1NI and other swine
    diseases in Cameroon.

CTR Bird

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