Kevin Njabo

Africa Director and Assistant Adjunct Professor
Center for Tropical Research

Tel: (310) 267-5132

UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

La Kretz Hall, Suite 300

Box 951456
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1496

Summary of Research Interests

My main objective as a conservation biologist is to work for more sustainable and equitable global development. While environmental change and extinction of species are natural processes, human activities are also threatening all things wild, both plants and animals. We are the only species capable of consciously modifying our behavior and environment. As caretakers of the planet, it is our responsibility to respect and manage the Earth’s natural resources, including human population itself. My research investigates the influence of mosquito vectors on the evolution and ecology of avian malaria parasites and attempts to show that human-induced habitat alteration could impact on feeding preferences of these vector mosquitoes. This research is both extremely important and timely, not only in terms of these vector species, but also in the wider context for the number one killer disease of the African continent. This research is expected to highlight the critical role of biodiversity and host community ecology in the transmission of vector-borne zoonotic diseases that in turn has important consequences for human health.

Education and Training

Ph.D. in Biology, Boston University, Department of Biology (Behavior, Ecology and Evolution), USA. Thesis: Phylogeography and Systematics of Montane Forest Birds in Cameroon. May 2006. (Major Adviser: Michael D. Sorenson; Committee Chairman: Thomas Kunz)

M.Sc. (Plant Ecology), Department of Plant Protection and Environmental Biology. University of Ibadan, Nigeria. February 1994. Thesis:The Use of Mulch in Melon Cultivation (Major Supervisor: Professor (Mrs.) Ogunyemi).

B.Sc. (Hons), Department of Botany, University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. June 1991. Dissertation topic: Inheritance of Caryopsis Color, Plant Height and Tillering Habits in Some Selections of Rice (Oryza) from Local Germplasm.

General Certificate of Education Advanced Level, St. Joseph’s College, Sasse, Buea, Cameroon. June 1986.

Diploma, Recent advances in Conservation Genetics, The Smithsonian Institution’s Conservation & Research Centre, Virginia USA. August 2004.

Course in Ornithological Data Encoding and Data Repatriation. Department of Vertebrate Zoology (Ornithology), Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium. June to August 2000.

Field training course in bird identification and surveys, Important Bird Areas Project (IBA), BirdLife International/Cameroon Ornithological Club, Yaoundé, Cameroon. January to April 1999.

Diploma, Formation en Informatique, Cite Don Bosco, Yaoundé, Cameroon. June 1998.

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